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Samui Schools Football League

Sponsored by Samui United Academy

League Rules

Rules related to the league and logistics are detailed below:

Match Length: 2 X 12 Minute halves

Number of on field players: 7

Points: Win = 3 Pts, Draw = 1Pt, Loss = 0Pt

Substitutions: Rolling subs
​Age restriction: There are three age categories in the SSFL, these are U9, U12 & U15 To be eligible for each of these categories you should meet the following criteria:

  • ​U9 – You should be 8 years old or younger on the 31st August 2018 (Turning 9 within the school year)
  • U12 – You should be 11 years old or younger on the 31st August 2018 (Turning 12 within the school year)
  • ​U15 – You should be 14 years old or younger on the 31st August 2018 (Turning 15 within the school year)​

Teams playing ineligible players without the approval of Samui United Academy and opposing team will result in the opposing team being awarded the win.

Officiating: Samui United Academy will provide referees for each league game. Referees are to be respected by Players, supporters and coaches. In the unlikely event of abuse, the referee reserves the right to stop the game until the abusive person(s) is removed (school should support in this action).

Fixture change: If a fixture date needs to be re arranged due to an unforeseen event, Please contact Samui United Academy ASAP so we can inform the opposing team and plan a new date/time for the fixture to take place.

​Location: All Games will take place at Samui United Academy therefore giving no team any advantage. Within the fixtures each team will be stated as playing at least 1 home game and 1 away.
​Kit: Each team member should have matching kits, in the event of a colour clash, the away team should wear coloured bibs (Provided by Samui United Academy).

Match Rules

General football rules apply to most in game situations, points that may cause confusion are clarified below.

Kick off: ​To be taken from the centre circle, ball must be passed to another player. A shot cannot be taken until the ball has left the centre circle.
​Throw ins: When a ball is out of bounds at the side line it must be kicked from the floor back into play. It cannot be a direct shot at goal.
​Goal Kicks: If a goal kick travels untouched by any player into the oppositions goal, it will not count as a goal. If the ball takes a deflection from any player, including the opposition goalie, it will count as a goal.
​Free kicks: If a foul is committed anywhere on the pitch outside of the penalty area a direct free kick will be awarded, the opposing team may make a wall 3 paces back from the ball. Free kicks can only be taken after the Referee’s whistle.

Penalties: If a foul is committed inside of the penalty area for the attacking a penalty will be awarded, the penalty will take places from the marked spot with only the goalkeeper allowed to stop the ball. All other players must remain outside of the penalty area until the penalty has been taken.

​Offsides: There are no offsides.
Back passes: Back passes to the goal keeper are allowed.
​Slide Tackles: Slide tackles are permitted however if the referee believes the slide tackle is in a violent manner a free kick/penalty may be awarded.
​Sportsmanship: Good sportsmanship is encouraged at all times. At the end of each game the players should promptly line up on the halfway line to shake hands.

Yellow/Red cards: In the event of any of the following; consistent fouls, violent behavior, Verbal abuse, intentionally cheating the referee will award yellow and red cards. Yellow being a warning to the player and a red resulting in no longer playing in the remainder of the fixture (in this case no extra player can replace the player therefore leaving the team to play with 1 less player).

Mercy Rule: If a team is winning the game by 6 clear goals that team then win the game with the current score line being used as the result to be entered into the league standings, however the game will continue with the remaining time being used for development purposes. E.g. playing players in different positions or opposition playing an extra player.

League Tables
​A team’s position in the league tables are determined initially by the number of points gained. If more than one team have the same amount of points, the next value that it is based on it the Goal difference (GD). If teams are still tied, the team who has scored (GS) the most goals will be given the higher position.

Unforeseen Events

In case of any unforeseen events that effect the outcome of matches or even the entire competition, a meeting will be held with all coaches to discuss a fair way to handle it.

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