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Samui Schools Football League 2019-2020

@ Samui United Academy


Results of SSFL.

First round of fixtures played on Saturday, November 9, 2019

SSFL 2019-2020 • Schedule



Boys: U9, U11, U13

Girls: U10, U14, U12

Other Info:

  • Girls are eligible to play for boys team, and may be 1 year older
  • Boys cannot play for girls teams
  • Fielding of ineligible players results in an automatic win for the opposition. 

Specific age cut offs:

  • U9 – Born in 2010
  • U10 – Born in 2009
  • U11 – Born in 2008
  • U12 – Born in 2007
  • U13 – Born in 2006
  • U14 – Born in 2005
  • U15 – Born in 2004


  • ON FIELD PLAYERS: 7 [Rolling subs allowed at any time]
  • KIT: Matching kit for teams is required [Samui United will provide coloured bibs in the event of a kit clash] 
  • MATCH DURATION: 2x12 minutes halves [1-2 minute HT drinks break] excluding age groups with only two teams where we will play 2x22 mins.
    • League style: Win = 3 pts    Draw = 1 pt    Loss = 0 pts
    • Factors determining winners after points: Goal Difference, Goals Scored.
    • If teams still even = Play-Off Match
  • REFEREES: Provided by Samui United. Respect from players, parents and coaches is imperative, abuse in any form will not be tolerated and in the unlikely occurrence of this the referee reserves the right to use cards accordingly and also request for individuals to leave the premises. 


  • General football rules apply to most in game situations, points that may cause confusion are clarified below.
  • KICK OFF: Taken from centre circle, ball must be passed to another player before a shot can be taken.
  • THROW-INS: When a ball is out at the side line it must be thrown back onto the pitch with two feet placed on the floor, using both arms to throw from behind the head. 
  • GOAL KICKS: If the ball travels directly from the GK to the goal, this will count as a normal goal. Goal kicks do not have to leave the penalty box. 
  • FREE KICKS: Given for any foul/handball committed outside the penalty area. Wall must be 5 steps back, free-kick can only be taken after the referee’s whistle. 
  • PENALTIES: Awarded for foul/handball committed inside of the penalty area, the penalty will take places from the marked spot with only the goalkeeper allowed to stop the ball. All other players must remain outside of the penalty area until the penalty has been taken.
  • OFFSIDES: Rule not in use. 
  • BACK PASSES: The goalkeeper cannot pick up the ball from a back pass, unless the final touch from the team-mate is from any legal body part above and including the knee. If the back pass is determined non-intentional by the referee, play may continue. 
  • SLIDE TACKLES: Slide tackles are permitted however must be controlled.  
  • Cards may be issued for the following reasons: 
    • Persistent infringement
    • Excessive Force
    • Dissent/Verbal Abuse
    • Violent Conduct
    • Simulation
    • A red card, or two yellows adding to a red means the team concerned must continue the game with one less player. No replacement is permitted. 

If a team is winning the game by 6 clear goals that team then win the game with the current score line being used as the result to be entered into the league standings, however the game will continue with the remaining time being used for development purposes. E.g. playing players in different positions or opposition playing an extra player.

  • RESPECT: Encouraged at all times towards officials, opposition, parents, children, coaches, staff and anyone else present. Players must shake hands at the end of each game.
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